It was in Grenoble that the student party took place which led to the opening of an investigation by the city prosecutor’s office for “administration of harmful substances”. One of the victims, named Zoé, gave an interview in Le Parisien, where she recounted the details of this sinister student party. While she was enjoying the evening, the 20-year-old suddenly felt unwell: “Around 1 a.m., I felt very bad. I suddenly had a black veil in front of my eyes. I completely lost my vision“, she remembered in the columns of the daily newspaper.

While her vision was impaired, Zoé left the establishment at night, then lost all feeling in her legs: “I came out of the box, and my legs were completely severed. I fell by earth. It was very violent. I saw everything black. I managed to sit on the edge of the sidewalk,” she said. For Zoé, the situation seemed very clear. Faced with the violence of the symptoms, the 20-year-old student immediately understood that she had been drugged: “I had only had one drink in the evening, around 9:30 p.m. So there had been another thing,” she said.

Several Grenoble clubs affected by the scourge of “serial biters”

The night after her visit to the emergency room where she was given a blood test, Zoé began to feel pain in her right buttock and in her leg “like after the Covid vaccine”. Following these pains, the young woman consulted her doctor, who spotted a small red spot, characteristic of a syringe bite: “What’s crazy is that I didn’t feel anything at the time”, s she remembered.

During the same evening, another young man had also become unwell, following similar symptoms. The prosecution has launched an investigation, faced with the high number of victims drugged without their knowledge, which can be found in several Grenoble clubs, such as Le Marquis, Lamartine or Alpha Club. The Grenoble prosecutor invited all the victims to file a complaint as soon as possible.

Zoé, victim of a “serial bite” in a nightclub, gives a very disturbing testimony © Pixabay

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