After a short romance with Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana discreetly married Marco Perego in London in June 2013. If the couple had not wanted to make it big, a source told the American magazine Us Weekly: “It was a very small but truly romantic and beautiful wedding. ” On December 8, 2014, the duo welcomed not one, but two children with the birth of twins Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio. Finally, it is a little boy named Zen, who came to complete the little family on February 18, 2017. If Zoe Saldana is known for her roles in science fiction films, such as Avatar, Star Trek or The Guardians of the Galaxy, what do we know about the one who has shared his life for seven years now?

Born on March 1, 1979 in Salò in the province of Brescia in Italy, Marco Perego grew up in a modest family. Now a painter, sculptor and designer, Zoe Saldana’s husband was first a football player. If the young man was quickly noticed and integrated the professional team of Venice at the age of 17, it was a serious injury to the leg that forced him to stop a few years later. After spending a year in Brazil, it was in New York that he decided to settle in order to pursue an artistic career. While he could not make a living from his art, Marco Perego worked as a waiter or football coach. After his work was noticed, he organized his first exhibition at Galleria Cardi in Milan in 2005. A real success! In fact all the works had been sold and among the buyers was a certain … Giorgio Armani! Since then, the artist has followed exhibitions and lives fully from his art.

Marco Perego’s nice gesture towards his wife

Involved in the feminist cause, the Italian artist decided to take the name of his wife. For In Style, the actress confided: “I tried to talk her out of it. I told her, ‘If you use my name, you’re going to be emasculated by your community of artists, not your community of Latin men. , by everyone ‘. (…) But Marco looked at me and replied:’ Ah, Zoe, I don’t care at all ‘. ” While this had however caused a lot of reaction from Internet users, it was on Facebook that Zoe Saldana had explained: “What is surprising, shocking or extraordinary about a man taking the name of his wife? Women were never asked if they were willing to give up their names. Why don’t we talk about this? Gentlemen, you will not cease to exist by taking the name of your partner. On the contrary, you will be remembered as a man who supported change! ”

Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego © Agency

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