Zayn Malik: why he didn’t attend his sister’s wedding?

Zayn Malik skipped his sister’s wedding and, for once, it’s not because of the coronavirus. Indeed, at 22, Waliyha Malik recently said “yes” to life to her companion, two years her senior, Junaid Khan, during a ceremony in Bradford, West Yorkshire in England. And if, according to recent information from the British tabloid The Daily Mail or the Sun, Gigi Hadid said he wanted to be present to support the sister of her beloved, the former member of the group One Direction did not attended this ceremony, even from the United States where he took refuge with his companion, not seeing this union favorably. “No one is happy that she is marrying him after what he has done,” said a source close to the bride.

Because Junaid Khan is not unknown to the authorities and has already received a five-year prison sentence for car theft, according to our colleagues from across the Channel. In 2017, while accompanied by an accomplice named Adam Takolia, the groom would have followed a Seat Leon Cupra before confronting the driver, an elderly and “vulnerable” woman, in the town of Skipton, located in the county of Yorkshire. The victim was reportedly followed to his home, while driving his son’s vehicle, valued at “several thousand pounds.” “He’s a thug, it’s not in his past – he just got out of prison,” continued Waliyha Malik’s (now Khan) relative. Enough to push Zayn Malik to take a stand, then.

A glamorous wedding

But if the singer and young dad did not wish to support Waliyha Malik during his big day, other relatives preferred to make some efforts, masking their disapproval. As evidenced by social media, members of Zayn Malik’s family shared several photos of the bride on their respective Instagram accounts. For her “Nikkah”, a term used for a Muslim wedding, the young woman opted for a glamorous and golden outfit, including a dress adorned with sequins and gold jewelry. The absence of his brother did not prevent him from appearing smiling and satisfied on the arm of Junaid Khan.

He shone by his absence © Capture Instagram

He shone by his absence © Capture Instagram
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