Zayn Malik: the heavy prison past of her sister’s husband

You don’t choose your family … or almost. If the former member of One Direction is spending happy days alongside his companion, Gigi Hadid and their little girl, born last September, the atmosphere is not the lightest within his own family. Indeed, one of his young sisters, Waliyha, has set her sights on a suitor who does not seem to be unanimous among the Malik. And for good reason: Junaid Khan, 24, is a former inmate who served in prison for armed robbery. The two lovebirds, love affairs of youth, took the next step by getting married on December 12. A choice that created several tensions within the family of Zayn Malik, since neither the singer, nor his father, attended Waliyha’s wedding. Opposed to this union, which they take a dim view because of Junaid Khan’s prison past, but also in view of his wobbly financial situation, Zayn and Yaser Malik would today have a complicated relationship with the young woman of 22 years. . According to the Daily Mail, the latter, who lives with her new husband in an outbuilding of the Malik house in the city of Bradford, would have been disinherited by her father and only her mother would still show her support. Side in-laws, the atmosphere is not in good shape either since the parents of the husband have also disinherited the young couple, following an argument involving the bride. “Walihya had a huge argument with Junaid this summer, in front of the house. She was screaming and hitting him. Junaid’s mother saw the scene and deemed Walihya’s behavior ‘disrespectful’, telling her son that she did not wish not having a daughter-in-law who behaves like this, “an anonymous source told The Daily Mail. It promises…

Zayn Malik: his brother-in-law’s criminal history

Junaid Khan, who was released last May despite being sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2017 for car theft – he and an accomplice threatened an elderly woman with a screwdriver to steal her vehicle – was also involved in a case dating back to 2014 in which her uncle, Mohammed Rizwan, stabbed another family member after “losing his temper”.

Zayn Malik and his sister © Instagram

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