Zayn Malik: Gigi Hadid’s companion makes rare confidences about their daughter Khai

In a relationship with Gigi Hadid for five years, Zayn Malik is a fulfilled man. If the duo had its ups and downs, it was on September 24, 2020 that they welcomed their first child, a little girl named Khai. While the couple do not want to reveal the face of the latter on social networks, it was during an interview for iHeart Radio that the 28-year-old singer agreed to confide in his role as a father. “Honestly, it’s amazing,” he said, before adding: “A lot of people I was obviously talking to before he was born were saying it’s a big fit and it’s going to be a huge change and everything, but honestly, she’s an amazing baby. It’s really easy for me and for Gigi to kinda get on with it. She made it easy for us, she sleeps great and she loves her milk. ‘It’s just a matter of feeding her and changing her diapers for now. I love that, for sure. “

Happy to have become a dad, Zayn Malik explained, “I never expected to be so passionate to be honest with you. I’m still within myself doing my own thing of writing, recording, recording. making music, and I was just very focused on my career. I also had time for my relationship, but it was still just about me. ” Talking about her new life, Gigi Hadid’s mate added: “The fact that Khai has been so easy is surprising to me because I love spending my days with her, hanging out with her and doing really relaxing things with her. her. I watch cartoons with her on TV and Netflix, learn nursery rhymes and sing just for her. It’s a really different pace of life, but it’s very easy to adjust and it’s the most surprising.”

“I just like to sing for her”

Music star Zayn Malik cannot take the stage due to the health crisis. If the singer spends a lot of time composing new music, he has also become a lullaby pro! During this interview, he indeed confided: “I create stuff to be honest … It’s mostly melodies and it sends back sounds to me, which is incredible. It’s not necessarily a specific song, I just love to sing for her. It’s pretty cool! “

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid © STARMAX

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