Each couple has their own traditions and habits. While some can be described as “cute”, others are strange to say the least. For the royal couple, Zara Phillips, 40, and Mike Tindall, 43, their eating habits are truly out of the ordinary. The former rugby player has revealed that he and his wife never eat the same at dinner. It was to the Daily Mail that Mike Tindall, 43, revealed that he and his wife, Zara Tindall, 40, ate separate meals at dinner on a daily basis.

“My wife Zara’s appetite has changed since she had children. She doesn’t want to eat red meat anymore, so now I take care of my own meals,” he told Richard Eden. DailyMail. Only, the former sportsman confided that he did not cook and therefore resorted to take-out meals. “I use a company that delivers most of my meals to me, because then it’s easy to track my calorie intake,” according to Mike Tindall.

Mike Tindall is used to his old eating rhythm

The former rugby player also confided that he did not like to cook and that he was used to having his meals brought to him. “I’m not a big fan of cooking. Zara can look in the fridge and predict what she’s going to eat, but that’s not my area of ​​expertise,” says Mike Tindall. The father-of-three adds that he eats 4 meals a day and sticks to that routine carefully. Something that reminds him of his years as a rugby player. At that time, Mike Tindall admits that the majority of his meals were provided.

Zara Phillips (Zara Tindall) and her husband Mike Tindall © AGENCY

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