Did he take the leap? It was in 2006, thanks to his role as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical trilogy that Zac Efron became known to the general public. Thereafter, he chained the projects but, for many fans, he will always remain the Disney Channel basketball player. Recently, the actor unveiled his new project in a video posted on his Instagram account. On this one, we can see him dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt and a thick jacket. While chatting with a bear, a detail did not go unnoticed by Internet users. He wears a piece of jewelry that his subscribers have directly associated with a wedding ring. Did Zac Efron get married in secret? Others, however, had other thoughts. “I don’t think that means anything, otherwise he would have talked about it. Maybe it’s for a movie?”, wrote one of them. While Internet users try to find out if the actor is engaged or even married, some subscribers assure that what is important is the happiness of Zac Efron. “I think we’ll never know but he’s happy and that’s all that matters,” it read. For his part, the principal concerned did not wish to react.

Zac Efron’s private life has been talked about a lot over the years. Very recently, the actor had found love in the arms of Vanessa Valladares. However, after a year of romance, the two separated in April 2021. It was the Daily Mail who announced their breakup, explaining that Zac Efron wanted to end their relationship after seeing in the press that she was on about to join the cast of an Australian reality TV show with influencers, for Netflix. “She’s a very good person who wanted a genuine, normal, down-to-earth partner,” a source said. While he was filming, he had made a radical decision. “Zac has sent her home since filming last week. He’s an absolutely down to earth person, he doesn’t like fantasy, he’s quite humble,” the same source continued. Since then, the actor very rarely talks about his private life and he is very discreet on social networks.

Zac Efron: who did he share his life with?

It was in 2005 that Zac Efron was propelled to the front of the stage. He first shared the life of Vanessa Hudgens for several years. Both were a mythical couple, nicknamed “Zanessa” and that fans still regret to this day. He then briefly attended Lily Collins then Michelle Rodriguez but also the model Sami Miro. A few years later, he met model Vanessa Valladares but he was more discreet, not wanting their relationship to be too exposed to the general public.

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