Many Internet users accuse him of having abused cosmetic surgery, recalls the magazine Here. Some Internet users even launch valves that the 35-year-old actor looks like the Bogdanov brothers. Zac Efron put all those rumors to rest in an interview he gave to Men’s Health. The deformation that Zac Efron had on the face is the result of an unfortunate domestic accident. Vanessa Hudgens’ ex has said he ran around in his socks and hit his head against a granite fountain.

Following this unfortunate accident, Zac Efron then lost consciousness to wake up later with the apparent jaw bone. The actor has also caused a lot of ink to flow following photos of him unrecognizable and bodybuilt in the middle of filming. Despite everything that happens to him, Zac Efron still has his little brother Dylan Efron and his father David Efron by his side. Zac and Dylan also welcomed their little sister in 2019. The little girl was born from their father’s relationship with Jenny, his new companion.

Zac Efron: the actor’s endearing exchange of glances with his little sister melts the internet

Olivia, Zac Efron’s 3-year-old little sister, was born on Christmas Day. On his birthday, the High School Musical star shared a heartwarming photo of himself with his little sister Olivia cuddled up against his chest. In the photo shared by the actor on Instagram on December 27, 2022, he can be seen taking his little sister in his arms while contemplating him with a tender gaze. We can notice that Zac Efron wears a mustache. The photo melted internet users and the comments were quick to come. “These are the cutest pics,” one fan commented at the time. “Your little sister’s look says it all,” another captioned.

Zac Efron big brother: he shares a cute photo with his 3-year-old little sister

Zac Efron © Instagram

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