Yves Lecoq’s finances are at their worst! Exclusively in the columns of the new issue of Closer, we reveal to you that the former star voice of the Guignols de l’Info on Canal + has indeed had to separate from his castle of Villiers-le-Bâcle in Essonne, in order to recover enough money to repay part of its debts. Hoping to sell his property for the tidy sum of 18 million euros, he finally had to resolve to sell it at half price, 9 million euros, to the famous founder of Free, Xavier Niel.

An amount below Yves Lecoq’s expectations but that he could not refuse. For several years now, the 75-year-old imitator has had to deal with money worries. “I have no wealth taxes I am so in debt. I have expenses for the maintenance of the castles, so that they continue to turn”, he had revealed in the program The moment of Luxury in May 2020.

Yves Lecoq: “A castle costs 10,000 euros per month”

Even after losing his castle located in Essonne, Yves Lecoq still retains three others. But such buildings are also very expensive to maintain, and the imitator had confided that half of his income was devoted to the costs of his acquisitions: “A castle costs in terms of costs, 10,000 euros per month”, he said. explained in 2020 before adding: “I put everything in there. At the moment it’s not very pleasant, we get up in the morning to call such and such a bailiff”. Life in a castle is not really that easy.


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