The two teenagers, previously college friends, were found dead in the forest of Saint-Germain en Laye in mid-December. Shortly before their disappearance, their respective parents, very worried, had given the alert, but that was not enough to prevent the tragedy from occurring. The two boys, both aged 15, would have committed suicide according to the toxicological expertise obtained by the Parisian. They would indeed have ingested drugs whose dosage was fatal. “There is no hypothermia, it is drug poisoning,” said the Versailles prosecutor’s office. “We are now trying to find out how they obtained these drugs which are only available on prescription”. Indeed, according to the results of the investigation, no relative of the teenagers had a prescription for the drug which cost the lives of the two young men.

Death of the two teenagers: the gray areas in the investigation

A question for the moment remained unanswered, just like the reason which pushed the teenagers to take action. As the Parisian reveals, they left no word. They had met at Debussy College in Saint-Germain en Laye where they had struck up a friendship, before taking different paths when they arrived in high school. One had gone to study in Troyes, while the other remained at Saint-Germain. According to Le Parisien, one of the teenagers had run away from the family home a few hours before the tragedy, while the second had left the boarding school where he was staying two days earlier. The two young men were actively sought after, especially since the temperature was particularly cold at this time. On Wednesday, December 14, their bodies were found by two student pruners from the agro-campus high school in Saint-Germain en Laye on the edge of the forest.

Yvelines: two teenagers found dead in the middle of the forest, the heartbreaking cause revealed

The two teenagers were found dead in the forest © Sebastian Unrau – Unsplash

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