The family of a restaurateur went through a real ordeal. On Wednesday December 14, four men forced the entry of a house, located in Nézel, in the Yvelines. Once inside, they threatened the father of the family with a handgun, which was in fact a rubber hammer, a gun that fires rubber bullets. They also grabbed a hammer and a whirlwind and forced him to open his safe.

Very quickly, the man received blows from the butt and his wife and daughter tried to intervene, without success, as reported by Le Parisien. The men threatened the whole family with death before locking him in a room and searching the whole house. It was finally the gendarmes, warned by relatives of the restaurateur who came to free the family. “These people, very shocked, describe a frightening and violent attack” reported a source close to the case. The damage was estimated at 72,000 euros.

Three suspects arrested and indicted in an improbable way

After the passage of the attackers to Nézel, the gendarmes of the research section of Versailles took up the investigation. They managed to find the trace of three suspects, known to the Processing of criminal records, thanks to the VTC they had ordered that day and the demarcation of their mobile phones. After setting up a surveillance service, the gendarmes shadowed the three young people, who had gone to Bagneux (Hauts-de-Seine), thanks to a VTC for a new location.

Once there, they discovered that police officers from the 20th district’s anti-crime squad had already spotted the group as part of an operation to combat burglary. Thanks to their cooperation, two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old were arrested, charged and imprisoned. In total, dozens of luxury watches, a GPS beacon and 18 sachets of methamphetamine were seized. A judicial inquiry has been opened to determine whether the three young people have committed other similar acts.

Yvelines: they sequester and molest an entire family before being improbably caught

Burglar © Image -keller from Pixabay

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