It’s a spine-chilling story. Thursday, February 9, 2023, a man was found guilty of repeat theft and damage to vehicles committed in the parking lots of the Westfield Parly 2 shopping center in the Yvelines. However, he denies his involvement in this series of thefts. It was on November 26, 2022 that several complaints were filed by customers of the shopping center. Indeed, some left their purchases in their vehicle and continued their shopping. But now, on their return, they discovered their vandalized car.

The investigation first reveals that a masked man follows his victims and goes back and forth in the parking lot several times. But the police are unable to identify him. On Christmas Eve, this same person will empty several vehicles. “The meal was ruined, it was not at all the December 24 that I hoped to spend, testifies one of the victims at the bar. I did not expect this kind of behavior at all in a shopping center, I thought it was safer. For a week, I didn’t set foot in the car,” complained a victim.

The man has already been convicted 37 times

As the complaints pile up, the man will be arrested. This septuagenarian nevertheless proclaims his innocence. “In all honesty, at no time did I commit any offence,” he said. He gives his own version: he regularly goes to Westfield Parly 2 to meet his mistress there. The latter confirmed the facts, but indicated that the individual showered her with gifts. However, he only receives 950 euros in retirement. Already convicted 37 times for theft and sexual exhibition, he was imprisoned.

Yvelines: a septuagenarian arrested for his disturbing activities in the car parks of a shopping center

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