YouTuber ExperimentBoy accused of corruption of minors: two complaints filed

He is followed by over a million subscribers on Youtube. Would ExperimentBoy have taken advantage of its notoriety to obtain sexual favors from young adolescents? The star of the net – Baptiste Mortier-Dumont of his real name – is accused by at least 13 people, according to information published by Numerama this Wednesday, August 19, of having “made advances”, of “having sent them messages, sexual photos and videos of him, and to have asked in return “, facts which would have taken place between 2013 and 2019, explains the article. “In June 2020, a collective report was sent to the Public Prosecutor of Lyon, who took up the case, and two complaints were filed for corruption of a minor”, specify our colleagues.

Last June, ExperimentBoy posted this update on Twitter: “I’ll be brief: the perpetrators of the destabilization attempt will be brought before the competent courts very soon. I will communicate the date of the hearing and the court concerned at a later date. my lawyers do their job and continue my projects. ”

Among the testimonies collected by Numerama, which publishes screenshots of the conversations, that of Quentin, not yet 14 years old at that time, in 2017. His favorite YouTuber would have sent him a first message: “I’m going on your profile by any chance … are you on May 17, 18? ” Quentin would have answered him. “Less than 48 hours later, Baptiste Mortier-Dumont, then 22 years old, will invite him to masturbate simultaneously on Skype”, specifies Numérama.

The Youtubeur and Quentin would have exchanged for nine months. “We would send videos to each other when I came back from college. I could do whatever he wanted. He would ask me to do things, show me what he was doing. He would advise me to buy certain sex objects, which he did. I did, ”he explains. “I felt compelled to do it, so as not to disappoint him. I told myself that if I didn’t do it, he was not going to talk to me anymore,” Quentin adds. Baptiste Mortier-Dumont would have wanted to keep these exchanges secret. “Don’t tell others about it (…) It’s not a game either, and not that there is anything wrong, just that I exist publicly, so it’s complicated, “he would have sent to Quentin.

Contacted by Numerama, the Youtubeur’s lawyer defended his client: “In addition to the obvious breach of the presumption of innocence, Mr. Mortier-Dumont deplores an investigation whose timing (position of the respondent requested immediately before the publication of the article) suggests – even before reading the article a biased positioning “. Then to specify that ExperimentBoy “will not hesitate to prosecute any author of comments of a defamatory nature / or offensive to the presumption of innocence.”

Baptiste Mortier-Dumont, known as Experimentboy © YouTube screenshot

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