Can a friendship started on school benches turn into a lasting love story? These two best friends have revealed how they fell in love after one of them became a man.

Aaron Capener is 25 and first met his wife Kayla, 26, at Kingsport Middle School in Tennessee. At that time, he was far from understanding that he was a man trapped in a woman’s body…

From their friendship was born an atypical love story which materialized with their union at the end of the year 2021. A story on which the couple returned.

From friendship to love

“Kayla and I are happily married and all the trials and tribulations I went through to get here were totally worth it,” commented Aaron in the columns of the New York Post newspaper. Kayla, for her part, added “Our relationship was built on our friendship and I believe that is what makes it so strong. We had an instant connection but our romantic relationship progressed more slowly.” Aaron was 14 when he first met Kayla at Kingsport Middle School. At this time, he is still a woman and the two young girls immediately become best friends. However, the teenager realizes that he harbors romantic feelings for Kayla, but does not admit them to her.

Get rid of labels

A few months later, Aaron is forced to move to Oregon with his family. His contact with Kayla does not break, on the contrary, it strengthens. The young man, who grew up in a conservative family and went to church four times a week, gradually cut ties with his parents when he began to realize that he felt different from other teenagers “My early years were been difficult because I knew from an early age that I didn’t feel what other people my age felt,” he explained. “As I started to mature and go through puberty, it became apparent to me that something didn’t feel right to me and I started to do my own research,” he continued, adding, “Because of my past , I never explored my feelings. I was so far from the LGBTQ+ community.”

Get away from your family

Quickly, Aaron displays his lesbian feelings and has to face the disapproval of his family “When I came out, my family was extremely disappointed and they kept finding excuses to try to explain my behavior” said -il “They took me to see the pastor of our church to try to ‘heal’ my feelings and told me that I was not praying hard enough”. At 16, Aaron leaves home, works at McDonald’s to support himself. At the same time, he becomes aware of being a man in a woman’s body and begins to live “as a man”. In 2016, he returned to live in Kingsport where Kayla still resides.

A happy man

Their friendship is instantly rekindled, and after several encounters, Aaron finds the courage to kiss her and realizes that Kayla shares his feelings. “While Aaron was away, I kept up to date with his transition and what’s been going on for him all these years,” she explained, “It felt really natural to go from a friendship to a relationship. Aaron was still the same person and no matter his name or pronouns, his transition didn’t affect our relationship.” On the contrary, “everything makes sense” after Aaron’s transition, for Kayla, understanding that they had always had a deeper connection than friendship. After getting married last year, Aaron said, “I’m incredibly lucky to have Kayla as my wife and that she loved me, regardless of my gender. It was huge to find the courage to kiss her and when she did it back I had never felt so happy” concluding “Unconditional means unconditional and her love for me was, and still is, just that “.


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