It is with a heavy and devastated heart that Pauline Lefèvre announced the death of her father on Friday January 20, 2023. In a post shared on her Instagram account, she announced that the first man in her life had breathed her last on January 14, 2023. January 2023. She then shared a photo of her dad when he was young with a very nice tribute in the caption. “01/14/2023 – DAD. There’s so much of you I haven’t known! It made me sad when I was younger, but we finally found each other, and you passed on what you could, it’s already a lot. You had so much class and you were so funny. Rest in peace Charles-André, dad, and I will continue to put the puzzle together for you.”

Immediately in the caption of the photo, Pauline Lefèvre was able to count on the support of her fans. “All my condolences, and I see where you get your beauty!”, “All my sweetest thoughts”, “Bon voyage to your dad”, “All my condolences”, “Courage, he will always be in your heart “, can we read. Personalities close to the 41-year-old actress also wanted to assure her that they were there for her. This is particularly the case of Charlotte Gaccio, the daughter of Michèle Bernier. “My sweetest thoughts,” she wrote to him, adding hearts to her post.

Pauline Lefèvre was able to count on the support of those close to her

Actors Patrick Mille and Agustín Galiana via photographer Stéphane de Bourgies or host Carole Tolila also wrote a short message to the grieving mother. Indeed, Pauline Lefèvre is the happy mother of twins, Léopoldine and Hugues, born in 2020 from her love with Julien Ansault. “I feel so lucky to be able to live these privileged moments (…) I have the impression of being a mother wolf who protects them from all the negative waves”, she confided in the columns of Gala in March 2021.

"You were so funny": in mourning, Pauline Lefèvre announces the death of her father

Pauline Lefèvre © COADIC GUIREC

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