A drama that shook the world of gastronomy… On the evening of Sunday May 8, 2022, Antoine Alléno died at the age of 24. At a red light on a scooter, the young man was violently hit by a driver, who had just stolen an Audi RS6. In mourning, his father, Yannick Alléno, made him a moving statement on Instagram. Captioning a black and white snap, the starred chef wrote: “My little angel!! Today you will enter eternity! We have chosen your mother and I this beautiful house that has had the opportunity many times to see you pass by! It opens its doors to you this afternoon! You have never done anything like the others! You came into the world on a 4th of July American national holiday and you left May 8 Liberation Day!”

Assuring that his son would have a goodbye “worthy of a prince”, Yannick Alléno confided: “My child, you have, at 24, already done so many things … Madagascar, Costa Rica, Bali, the US, Italy… To travel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Africa… To cook, Lasserre, Pré Catelan, Clarence, Jules Vernes, Ledoyen, 1947 or in 2017, you went to seek with Gérard the 3 stars in the Michelin guide, then finally your project!! Father and Son Burgers! We were talking about it and you said to me ‘it’s hot’! You did it so well my son so well!! I’m proud of you!” Proud, Yannick Alléno added: “It’s crazy to look at your life and see your action! All those who have met this smile and this look remember!”

Yannick Alléno: “The whole world will come to greet you”

Just days after his son’s death, the starred chef wrote: “This afternoon the whole world will come to say hello, I know you’re going to be a little embarrassed, but it’s the price of fame, of YOUR GLORY! Your brother Thomas, your big brother and I will build again and again, with you to guide us, with that high gaze you have from the heavens, even more beautiful things! We love you and mourn you from all our bodies Antoine Alléno! My angel our adored child!” Words that touched the greatest number, including photographer Stéphane de Bourgies, who wrote: “My Yannick, your words are so moving. I am unable to feel the pain you feel, that of a son gone before his father, in full bloom, but you’re words, they speak to me very strongly; this pride you have of him, of the progress he has made. When a father is proud of his son, it’s that the son is proud of his father; you both succeeded in this alchemy, congratulations for that.”

Yannick Alléno © OLIVIER BORDE

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