This Friday, February 24, took place the 48th Cesar ceremony, broadcast live and unencrypted on the Canal + antenna. Like every year, many celebrities followed one another on the stage of the Olympia, in order to present the various awards to the winners. This is for example the case of Ahmed Sylla and Léa Drucker who presented themselves to jointly award a prize. But while he was making a few jokes, the comedian was interrupted by an environmental activist who came on stage.

For the occasion, the young woman wore a white t-shirt on which was written in English: “We have 761 days left (Ils nous reste 761 jours, ndlr)”. Visibly confused by this interruption, Ahmed Sylla then chose to play the card of humor to lighten the atmosphere. “It had to fall on me. On my mother’s head, it had to fall on me. It’s a delirium”, thus launched the 32-year-old comedian. But his words were not to everyone’s taste, with some pointing out that the comedian did not take the issue of the climate emergency seriously enough.

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Ahmed Sylla: “At no time did I want to make fun of ecology”

The day after the ceremony, Ahmed Sylla therefore took to his Instagram account to return at length to this incident. “I have to explain to you what happened, because you haven’t seen everything,” began the former candidate of No one asks. He thus first of all explained that he was particularly stressed to present an award during this prestigious ceremony: “I go on stage with Léa Drucker, I embrace my teams, I gain strength. not see on the screen but inside, it’s a cyclone. (…)”. And then to evoke the interruption of the activist: “we play our score, everything is going well, and there I turn my head and I see a young woman on stage”.

Ahmed Sylla then recounted in detail what happened: “There, it happened in several stages in my head. Because suddenly, it was cut at home (the director of the Césars interrupted the broadcast of the ceremony for about a minute, editor’s note). So the girl arrives on stage. Me, obviously, I make my joke because I don’t know who this person is, nor what she wants. She comes in, I watch Léa. I’m looking at her, and she’s not speaking. So when it was cut off at your place, it’s still going on for a while on stage. She doesn’t say a word. She remains with her hand raised with the T-shirt on. I read it and I don’t pick it up right away. (…) I try to talk to the young lady. (…) She doesn’t answer, I look around the room a bit, security arrives and he there was no, no, no violence. I know there was a picture that came out where you see her being lifted up, that’s because the moment security arrived, she put herself on the ground. Of course, we didn’t have her dragging her around like a trash bag. They carried her, they evacuated her. That’s all that happened”. To conclude, Ahmed Sylla also wanted to respond to those who reproach him for not caring about ecology. “I am a humorist, I am looking for valves for myself. escape from this situation. (…) At no time did I want to make fun of ecology”, he assured.

"You haven't seen everything": Ahmed Sylla looks back on the interruption of the César 2023 by an activist

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