You’ve probably seen the images pass over social media over the past few days. On Saturday October 16, while in Venice, Kanye West was photographed wearing a slightly greenish silicone mask, simply with holes in the eyes, nose and mouth. A disturbing vision that makes one wonder about the singer’s motivations to walk around like this, and which recurred two days later, while this time he was at JFK airport in New York. Dressed in the same outfit as on Saturday, namely a leather jacket, black pants and boots, all signed Balenciaga, Kanye West had set his sights on a mask representing the face of a Caucasian man and made up. Far from going unnoticed, the singer was photographed by the cameras of Page Six and E! News, which easily found the identity of the mysterious masked individual. And this is not the only curiosity observed in Kanye West in recent days. On the sidelines of his halloween outings, the artist also sowed confusion on Instagram by posting this Monday, October 18, a photo of his last haircut. Dressed in a silver outfit, an imposing chain around his neck, Kanye West appears from behind, his head disparately shaved, as if the clipper had slipped randomly through his hair.

Kanye West: his new hairstyle divides the web

While several fans dubbed the new cut in the comments – praising, for example, the self-confidence and freedom it inspires – others have been less convinced by this slightly lunar trend. “What’s that haircut, bro?”, “Kanye let his kids cut his hair again,” “Which hairdresser should you sue?”, Can be read among the comments. If the cut divides, it has a good chance of ending up in vogue with the audience of the singer who likes to follow the fashion fads of his icon. Answer within a few months …

Kanye West © Agency

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