Yaphet Kotto: the actor of Alien and Live and Let Die is dead

He is a figure of cinema from the 1970s and 1980s who has just died. This Monday, March 15, actor Yaphet Kotto died at the age of 81. It was his wife, Tessie Sinahon, who broke the terrible news through a message posted on her Facebook account. “I am saddened and still in shock at the death of Yaphet, my husband of twenty-four years. You played a villain in some of your films, but for me you were a real hero, and for a lot of people too, she wrote, paying a touching tribute to the comedian. You were a good man, a good father, a good husband and a good human being. One of the best actors in Hollywood, a legend. Rest in peace my darling. ” Born in New York in 1939 to a father who had emigrated from Cameroon and a nursing mother in the United States Army, Yaphet Kotto made his debut in Harlem in 1960.

In the cinema, it is with his role of the villain in Live and Let Die that he became known to the general public. In 1973, he played Doctor Kananga in this James Bond by Roger Moore. He was nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada in Raid on Entebbe. In this TV movie, we followed an Israeli commando operation in 1976 to free the passengers of a Tel-Aviv / Paris flight diverted to Uganda where the hostage-takers had been received by the dictator. In 1979 he played the chief technician Dennis Parker in the film Alien, the eighth passenger of Ridley Scott. A grueling shoot for the actor. “Right after the chest burst scene, I admit that I couldn’t speak for about two or three days,” he told VICE.

Yaphet Kotto had become a ufologist

“When this thing came out of the chest, I started to wonder whether or not I should have found another profession or become a classical actor on stage. I started questioning my whole life,” the man continued. actor. Over the years, Yaphet Kotto became a “ufologist” and claimed to have witnessed extraterrestrial scenes. In 2017, he swore that he had crossed “an alien of one meter 1m80” during his childhood in the Bronx, as well as a “UFO as big as the Yankee Stadium of New-York” during a passage in the Philippines. Married three times and father of six children, Yaphet Kotto claimed to have genealogical links with Queen Elizabeth II and had titled his biography The Royalty (“royalty”) in 1997.


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