In December 2021, Yannick Agnel was indicted for rape and assault on a minor, the daughter of his former trainer, Lionel Horter, a fact which would have taken place in 2016. As the investigation continues, the Squale finds himself again in the tournament. According to information revealed by Le Parisien, the Nîmes swimmer who will turn 30 in a few days would be involved in a second investigation. Barely a month after the indictment of Yannick Agnel, the investigating judge in charge of the case would have seized the Mulhouse prosecution for a second indictment about another sexual assault on a minor.

The double Olympic swimming champion has not yet been heard or even indicted in the context of this second case. A second part that also refuses to comment on Me Céline Lasek, Yannick Agnel’s lawyer, contacted by journalists from Le Parisien. According to information revealed by the Ile-de-France daily, the facts in question took place during an alcoholic evening a few years earlier. The swimmer from Nîmes, then an adult, would have flirted with a young girl “before sharing a sleeping bag” and engaging in “touching” on this person whose age has not been revealed.

Yannick Agnel, or when the Shark takes the broth

Telephone tapping set up as part of the investigation targeting Yannick Agnel would have brought these facts to light. According to a source close to the case, the swimming champion would have himself mentioned this subject. Recall that Yannick Agnel recognized “the materiality of the facts” in the context of his indictment. A relationship with the daughter of his trainer that he felt he had had without “constraint” according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Mulhouse, Edwige Roux-Morizo. She adds: “If the facts constitute rape or sexual assault, it is because there is a significant age difference” between Agnel and the young girl. In the midst of turmoil, Yannick Agnel seems to have his head under water.

Yannick Agnel © Claudia Albuquerque

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