The Yannick Agnel affair is experiencing a new twist. In December 2021, the former Olympic champion swimmer was indicted for rape and assault on the daughter of his former coach. And a year later, a second potential victim was heard, according to information from RTL.

The young woman, under the age of 15 at the time of the alleged facts, is part of Yannick Agnel’s family circle. This new case would concern facts that occurred several years ago, when the former top athlete was already of age. This is not an accusation of rape, but of touching a young girl, which could constitute an offense, even in the event of consent, because of the majority of the former athlete at the time of the facts. .

“She told me that I had my hands on her”

According to our colleagues from L’Équipe, the investigators had precipitated the arrest of Agnel on December 9, 2021 after having intercepted between the swimmer’s mother and a relative two days earlier. These last seemed that an old story reappeared at the same time as the complaint of the girl his former trainer. Indeed, a young woman would have tried to distance herself from Yannick Agnel when they shared the same bed. During his police custody, the former swimmer had agreed to talk about this story.

“I was dead drunk. Five or six of us slept in a bed and I remember that Marine (the first name has been changed by the newspaper) told me that I was glued to her in bed and that I had my hands on her to fiddle with her a little bit. The next day […] Marine tells me this story. I am devastated, I apologize to her and above all I tell her that this will never happen again and I’m really sorry,” he told investigators.

As a reminder, Yannick Agnel was indicted in December 2021 after a complaint for rape and sexual assault on a minor filed by the daughter of his former trainer Lionel Horter at Mulhouse Olympic Natation. A case that would concern events that occurred in 2013, when the girl was 13 years old. At that time, the swimmer, who was 24 years old at the time of the alleged events, was staying with the Horter family. “She is in awe, she is unable to say no and I think that suddenly she does not even ask herself the question of what is happening. Things are happening that she is undergoing”, explained the lawyer of the young woman, Isabelle Rollet, in the columns of L’Équipe in January 2022. She described the then teenager as “a child at the level of civil status” but also “a child in her body”: “She was great filiform, she had no awareness of her sexuality and what a woman’s life is.

Yannick Agnel accused of touching: a second alleged victim heard

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