Xena: Warrior Princess, what happened to them?

Between September 4, 1995 and June 18, 2001, Xena the Warrior entertained millions of fans around the world. Spin-off of the fictional Hercules, the action took place during the time of ancient Greece and followed the famous heroine through her adventures, in search of justice and redemption. Accompanied by Gabrielle, with whom she had more loving than friendly relationships, Xena fought against gods, demons and other mythological creatures in order to always help her neighbor. 20 years after the end of the cult series (which ends with the death of the main protagonist), Xena remains a feminist and LGBTQ + icon to this day.

But what happened to the actresses who brought Xena and Gabrielle to life? The first was played by Lucy Lawless. After the end of the show, the actress chained the guests in TV series but also TV movies. In 2005, she obtains a role in Battlestar Galactica where she will intervene until 2009. From 2010, she joins the cast of Spartacus where she plays Lucretia. This fiction was also much talked about at the time for its large number of scenes of sex and violence. Thereafter, she continued her journey quietly but surely, without ever finding herself unemployed. Lucy Lawless is very committed to saving the environment and is also part of Greenpeace.

What happened to Lucy Lawless and Renée O’Connor to Xena, the warrior?

For her part, Renée O’Connor who slipped into the battle dress of the sympathetic Gabrielle celebrated her 50th birthday in 2021. On the professional side, her career has never taken off after Xena, the warrior. She acted in a few minor films and participated in second-rate TV films. She also made a small cameo appearance in 2008 in Criminal Minds. On the other hand, on the stage, Renée O’Connor stood out in 2002 and even won the jury prize at the Sundance Festival. Passionate about painting, she creates canvases that she then resells to finance her projects or to help associations. She is also an advocate for the gay community who adored her so much for her role in Xena, the Warrior.

Xena, the warrior © RENAISSANCE PICTURES

Xena: Warrior Princess, what happened to them?
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