Who would have believed it? A two-week stay plus an 8-hour hair transformation session in Turkey cost less than going to an American hairdresser for the same service. Yet this is what the American tiktokeuse Bryn Elise has just proven. She traveled more than 9,500 kilometers to get her hair done in Turkey, says Capital. Bryn Elise is followed by 70,000 subscribers on the TikTok platform where she shares her travel adventures. His latest adventure is most incredible!

She revealed that her usual hairstylist was going to charge her $4,000 for a total hair makeover. She told herself that for 4,000 dollars, she can afford a vacation in addition to having the hairstyle she wants. The American has thus decided to cross the world to have her hair done in Turkey. $450 is the cost of her new hairstyle. “Bryn Elise has therefore traveled more than 9,500 kilometers to achieve blonde locks, toning the scalp and having extensions applied”, specifies Capital.

She gets her hair done in Turkey to avoid inflation

The game would be really worth the candle since in addition to her hairstyle, Bryn Elise also takes the opportunity to spend a dream vacation. “It costs less, INCLUDING my two week vacation here,” she revealed on TikTok. Bryn Elise’s idea seems to be gaining new followers, it is so convincing. “Honestly, we should all fly somewhere else to get things done,” one follower commented. Bryn Elise explained that she didn’t leave her regular hairstylist out for nothing. Because of inflation, the latter had to significantly increase its prices.

A hair transformation © Pixabay


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