In January 2018, Paul (assumed first name) learned that he was suffering from cancer. The doctors have detected a stain on his lung and advise him to have an emergency operation. Two months later, the 65-year-old Toulousain underwent an operation during which the organ affected by the disease was removed. But a few weeks later, it’s the shock. The 60-year-old was in good health. The laboratory would have confused the samples of his biopsy with those of another patient. A terrible medical error that he seeks to repair in court. Despite more than 20,000 euros already paid out of his pocket, the case dragged on.

Traumatized for life and continually out of breath, Paul is now suffering the heavy consequences of this useless ablation. “It’s very debilitating and above all, there is a psychological side which is heavy. You are being taken away from a part of yourself” he declares at the microphone of RTL. The sexagenarian has been embroiled in these legal proceedings for three years now. A slowness that he deeply regrets. “It’s the length of justice. I think today it’s unfair not to worry about people who gave a result that was not mine. They took a lung out of me, they mutilated me,” he admits.

Now living with only one lung, he wants compensation

Since his operation, Paul has filed a complaint with the help of his lawyer, Me Laurent de Caunes. The latter deplored the lack of repercussions towards the people guilty of this terrible blunder: “We have the impression that those who are at the origin of this situation have done nothing to explain it, to determine its causes. They do not incur any liability for the time being.This is all the more worrying since, in fact, we understand that there is no certainty in the traceability of the analyses, which means that this type of incident can to renew.” Contacted, the doctors involved did not wish to comment on the case.

Wrongly operated on for cancer, a 60-year-old loses a lung


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