It’s a spine-chilling affair. On the night of Sunday to Monday October 17, 2022, an American managed to escape the worst. Her husband kidnapped her from her home. Stabbed then buried alive in the woods, she manages to get out of the grave dug by her husband. It all starts when Young An comes home from church with her two children. She then notices that her husband’s car is in the driveway of the house. An argument breaks out between them. After threats, she manages to call the police using her connected watch.

But her husband will succeed in tying his hands behind his back with duct tape. In the meantime, the police officers go to the house but no one is there. It is only on Monday morning that the mother of the family reappears. She rings someone’s door and asks for help, explaining that her husband had tried to kill her. The police arrive and she explains that her husband covered her with earth. “Then he covered her with earth. But she got rid of her bonds and freed herself from the hole she was in. Then she walked for half an hour until she knocked on the door of a house to ask for help”, explains RMC.

“My husband is trying to kill me. Help me!”

“When Young realized the deputy was law enforcement, she rushed at them screaming and screaming for help. She frantically grabbed onto the deputy and pulled said, “My husband is trying to kill me. Help me”. The woman has bruises all over her body. And for good reason, she received several stab wounds. Transported to the hospital, she is under observation. thanks to a walker. He is currently in detention.

Wounded and tied up, she manages to get out of the grave dug for her by her husband in the forest

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Maria T.
Maria T.

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