Rachel Waters and Paul Magee met in Shenzhen. The American-born professional volleyball player works in Shenzhen as a brand manager, according to the Sun. Paul Magee, 40, is from Norwich and also worked in Shenzhen. The latter returned to Norwich at the beginning of April and did not return to China with his girlfriend. Worried, Rachel Waters, originally from South Carolina took the initiative to make an announcement on the Facebook page of the community of Norwich, the city of origin of her boyfriend Paul.

Below a photo of them taken in China, Rachel wrote that she and her boyfriend Paul Magee live in Shenzhen, and that he returned home in early April. Rachel also mentioned that he “was supposed to be back in China by now.” “But I haven’t heard from him recently and I’m afraid something has happened.” she continued. “If anyone knows of anything please contact me,” the alert message read. A friend of Paul’s replied, “It’s not really funny is it? He has a wife and kids and I’m really sorry for her right now!” Rachel Waters has since taken down her post.

Her boyfriend is in a relationship and has children in his country of origin

On June 10, 2022, friends of Paul told The Sun that he was working in China when he found himself trapped by the pandemic. It was then that he began his relationship with Rachel. A friend of Paul Magee also told The Sun that Paul and his Norwich girlfriend had been estranged for two years, but when he returned to Norwich they reportedly got back together. “Paul and his partner haven’t seen each other for two years. He came back recently, and they kind of got back together. They were separated, but had kids. So they thought, ‘let’s give it another chance. to our couple,'” Paul’s friend told SUN.

Rachel Waters © The Sun


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