This Wednesday, January 5, around 11 a.m., a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was attacked by a dog in a street in Schweighouse-Thann, located in the Haut-Rhin. Seeing her little girl being attacked by the animal, the mother of the little girl intervened to protect her, before being seriously injured, reports France Bleu. She was taken care of by the firefighters and was then helicoptered by the SAMU in the direction of the university hospital (CHU) of Strasbourg where she was admitted in “absolute emergency”.

The 32-year-old mother suffers from serious injuries to her wrists and hands. His daughter, meanwhile, was in a state of “relative emergency” due to less serious wounds, but was still taken to the Emile-Muller hospital in Mulhouse.

A complicated relationship between the victim and the dog’s owners

According to the newspaper L’Alsace, the dog belonged to a neighbor. This is an American staffordshire, a breed categorized as dangerous by the Rural and Sea Fisheries Code. These animals, considered as guard and attack dogs, can only be tamed with a detention permit. According to the mayor of the town at France 3 Grand Est, the canine belonged to a “couple of nationals from Eastern Europe” who “bought a house in the town one or two years ago”. The councilor also specified that the owners of the dog had already received a request for information on their animal. “I know that in October 2020 they received a letter from the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Population Protection asking them for details on their animal which was not identified,” he said. indicated, adding that “relations between the two couples were not easy”, and that the parents of the little girl thought to move soon.

However, the dog had not committed any incidents until today. He was captured and taken by firefighters to the SPA. An investigation to determine the precise circumstances of the facts was entrusted to the gendarmerie brigade of Masevaux.

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