Ramone Marcio Martinez, a 39-year-old American millionaire who is said to have made his fortune in the cannabis industry is accused of having confined a woman in his home for weeks. According to the New York Post, this kidnapper and attacker was arrested on December 29 at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The woman he held captive lodged a complaint and said she had suffered physical and mental violence. She was only able to get by after she managed to text a friend who later alerted the police, according to KSL magazine.

While responding to the scene, officers came face to face with the suspected millionaire who appeared to be hiding a gun in his sweatshirt pocket. The police searched the house of Ramone Marcio Martinez and found his hostage with “many bruises around his eyes”. The victim recounts having suffered numerous assaults during the period in which she was held captive. During this time, her kidnapper assaulted her at least six times during the same day. In her complaint, the victim said “her ribs hurt, she couldn’t breathe well. She said she was threatened with death and assaulted for several weeks.”

Ramone Marcio Martinez, the millionaire plans to keep the woman captive for 6 months

The authorities say that the victim suffered several kinds of assault, the millionaire in the cannabis industry strangled her to the point of losing consciousness. “Once he grabbed the victim and put a knife to her throat. Another time he grabbed a knife and carved the number ‘6’ into the victim’s left hand, stating that she had six months to love her or be killed, ”police said. Note that Ramone Marcio said he made his fortune in the medical cannabis industry. Police noted that he had several guns and had enough money to escape. It is for this reason that the police requested his detention without the possibility of release on bail before his official charge.

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