After 16 miscarriages, 38-year-old Briton Emma White gave birth to twin girls in the fall of 2021.

A true miracle of life. On October 2, 2021, Emma White, 38, gave birth to two wonderful little girls: Aurora Azalea and Ophelia Lili. However, nothing destined this young British, already the mother of a little girl Molly Rose, 12, to have children again. Indeed, during her life, Emma suffered 16 spontaneous terminations of pregnancy. “My miscarriages started when I was just a teenager, she confides to the Daily Mirror. I had 16, all before nine weeks. It was absolutely terrible.”

For this reason, Emma had decided not to try to procreate anymore. But everything changed when she met Joe. Aged 41, he gave her a taste for motherhood. “I met Joe and he told me right away that he wanted kids. I told him no. But two weeks later I was so happy, in love and at ease that everything at what I was thinking was him having babies for me!” Unfortunately, this new love did not make the young Englishwoman’s fertility problems go away. At the end of 2020, the latter became pregnant with twins but lost them after only six weeks of pregnancy. “When I lost the twins, I knew it was over. I couldn’t take it anymore. Joe totally understood.”

“I was told that the pregnancy was probably over”

But against all odds, Emma became pregnant again the following month. The beginning of a long and perilous adventure… “I checked the toilets every time I went there. I was afraid to go there, afraid to cough, afraid every time I was in pain somewhere”, she remembers. At six weeks pregnant, her fears came true. Suffering from heavy bleeding, Emma was admitted to Liverpool Women’s Hospital where she had an ultrasound. “I walked in, lay down and the doctor didn’t turn the screen on me. I had been through this so many times that I knew I was going to be told bad news.” To her surprise, Emma did not hear the terrible news she had been waiting for. On the contrary, the doctors told her that she was expecting quadruplets. However, she had to undergo an operation to open one of her fallopian tubes. “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I was being sent to a multiple birth clinic.”

Emma, ​​however, was not at the end of her troubles. Three weeks later, at nine months pregnant, the young woman once again noticed heavy bleeding and “felt something falling” when she got up. At the hospital, the doctors then told her that her pregnancy had ended. “I was told the pregnancy was likely over. I knew they were right, I had seen the babies with my own eyes. I knew they were gone.”

A premonitory dream

But she was wrong, and she learned it in the most curious of ways. One night, Emma had a dream in which her late grandfather, David, told her that she was still pregnant. “My grandfather died when I was four and I had never had these kinds of dreams. I grabbed a doppler, held it to my stomach and listened. Then I heard Something.” After an ultrasound, Emma discovered that two of her babies had survived. In each of the sets of twins she was expecting, one had absorbed the other. A phenomenon called twin lysis, or evanescent twin. Eventually, Emma managed to carry out her big – almost – full term. At 37 weeks, she gave birth to Aurora Azalea and Ophelia Lili, wonderful little rainbow babies who are the delight of their family. “I love being a mum to twins. It’s not for everyone, but I cherish every day that passes. It always feels like a miracle to me and the girls are now 3 months old. I want to let all mums know that there is no shame in that. story will give hope,” she concludes.


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