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Woman badly burned after her alcohol gel caught fire

“My body has been consumed”. By respecting the sanitary rules, Kate Wise did not expect to end up in the hospital … And yet, that’s what happened. This resident of Texas, in the United States, was hospitalized a few days ago with serious burns. According to her, her injuries were caused by hydroalcoholic gel. As she lit a candle, her hand sanitizer allegedly caught fire. “Everywhere I had hand gel, the fire would spread,” Kate Wise told KHOU-TV. “It obviously ran through my face. And, in about five seconds, my whole body was consumed by the flames. ” Faced with this accident, the American reacted quickly. She immediately took off her clothes in an attempt to contain the flames and managed to get her disabled daughter out of her home in the town of Round Rock, along with her pets. Her two other children rushed to their neighbors for help.

Help quickly arrived and Kate Wise was transferred to an intensive care unit at a hospital. The Round Rock Fire Department is investigating to determine the exact causes of this accident which could have claimed the life of the young mother. Experts warn that hand sanitizers, many of which contain alcohol, can be flammable. Bottles often have a warning to keep the product away from flames or fire. Users of the product should “wait until the disinfectant completely absorbs into the skin or evaporates” before close contact with the flames, the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Program’s consulting director told the Department of Labor. State and Industry.

Fundraising launched

“Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable and can easily catch fire,” she says. “Vapors can form explosive mixtures with air, traveling to a source of ignition and flashback. not really the liquid that burns – it’s the vapors that ignite. ” Kate Wise’s friends have created a fundraiser to help cover her medical bills. On it, they claimed that the incident caused a “bomb-like explosion” that caused second and third degree burns to the mother. According to medical services, Kate Wise is burned on 18% of her body. In the fire, many pieces of furniture in his home were also reportedly consumed. “The coronavirus has brought a lot of dangerous products to our shelves,” GoFundMe reads. Many of them have not been properly tested and are not safe. ”

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