A man who intervened during a robbery at the Cadet station of the Paris metro was violently attacked on Sunday April 10, 2022. Le Figaro reports that the man witnessed an attempt to steal a phone . Four individuals tried to steal a person’s phone, thinking they were doing the right thing, the future victim of assault intervened. The man tried to restrain one of the thieves. The rest didn’t sit idly by in the face of the man’s heroic attempt and stepped in.

“The rest of the gang then attacked him with knives, in this case a razor blade, before fleeing”, specifies Le Figaro. The man who tried to prevent the cell phone theft perpetrated by four individuals was injured with a razor blade. The man was treated by firefighters for his injuries. The latter took the injured victim to a hospital to receive adequate care, according to Le Figaro. Although the man was stabbed, “his life is not in danger”, confirms Le Figaro.

The razor blade muggers got caught pretty quick

The attempted robbery and stabbing took place on April 10, 2022 in the Cadet station of the Paris metro, in the 9th arrondissement. BRF police officers were able to arrest the attackers thanks to their report shortly after the incident. The latter were arrested at the Gare de L’Est, in the 10th arrondissement. For his heroic act, the man could have known the worst, but he was able to prevent the theft from happening and his intervention also helped stop the attackers.

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