Money can push you to do terrible things. Two 17-year-old teenagers have been indicted after assaulting a nanny and a baby with a knife in an apartment in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The facts happened on November 20, around 5 p.m. The two culprits knocked on the door of an apartment located on Avenue d’Italie. Alone, the nanny opened the door with the baby she was keeping in her arms. In front of her, a young man forced the door.

The power of the load caused the woman to fall, who fell with the baby. The first abuser threatens her with a knife before forcing her to sit in the living room, with the crying infant. The forty-something, immobilized, had to wait for the second accomplice to search the apartment. The two thieves stole a computer, a luxury bag and a Rolex watch. Before taking flight. Shocked but not injured, just like the baby, the nanny immediately called for help.

Tracked by RATP video surveillance

Paris territorial security investigators in charge of the investigations retraced the journey of the two young men using RATP surveillance videos, in addition to crossing the information with data from their mobile phones. And on November 25 in the early morning, the police raided their homes, also located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Cocaine and the stolen belongings were recovered. Called to the police station, the nanny recognized them. The culprits continue to deny the facts. While waiting for their judgment.

A burglary nanny © Pexels

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