It was time for confidence for Fabienne Thibeault. Guest of the show “Chez Jordan” on Thursday May 25, 2023, the singer-songwriter delivered without taboo. This is how, in the face of the host Jordan de Luxe, she returned to her weight loss. “I have always oscillated between 85 and 92. At 92 I am not well and there I am at 85, it’s fine”, she confided. “I won’t be like that (she points her finger, editor’s note), I’ve never been, but 85 is fine with me,” she added. To maintain her ideal weight, Fabienne Thibeault “be careful”. “I reduce the quantities” explained the artist. What caused him to lose weight? “A disease that I had” she revealed.

In the rest of the show, Fabienne Thibeault has indeed revealed to have undergone a quadruple bypass. “On January 14, I was filming in Auvergne with my friend (…) I played the role of a peasant woman from the 19th century. Clermont-Ferrand… There was nobody there so I was very lucky that day. you’re not dead but you have five clogged arteries including the completely calcified common trunk. You should have had a heart attack’.” she then said.

Complications following his operation

Fortunately, the doctors allowed him to avoid the worst. “Congratulations to my surgeon who saved my life,” she said. Despite everything, Fabienne Thibeault had some complications following her operation. “There was disunity of the scars (…) He sewed everything up but afterwards I had a bacterial infection”, revealed Fabienne Thibeault. Luckily, she’s doing pretty well now. “Today I live again!” she concluded. All’s well that ends well.

"With the illness I had...": Fabienne Thibeault talks about her weight loss

Fabienne Thibeault © Capture C8

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