“It was a nice day”. On March 13, William Hurt died at the age of 71 from prostate cancer, diagnosed in 2018. A death appeared as “a gift” for the American actor, who experienced during the last days of his life “of pain and suffering”. “When he was on his deathbed, he was a little confused, but he was still very lively, until the end,” said a relative. Silent since the announcement of his death, some of his relatives are beginning to express themselves, in particular to share their grief, or even to send more positive messages. Like his youngest daughter, Jeanne, born of his love with Sandrine Bonnaire.

“Thank you all for your words and all the warmth you gave us,” she wrote in a story posted on Instagram, and now deleted, as reported by Pure People. Testifying to a “beautiful day”, the young woman who is very discreet chose the day of her father’s funeral to transmit this simple message, she who rarely shares content on social networks. It was in 1991, on the set of La Peste by Luis Puenzo, that Sandrine Bonnaire crossed paths with William Hurt. In 1994, he will become the father of his eldest daughter, Jeanne, who is for the American actor his youngest daughter, while he was already the father at the time of three boys, Alexander, Samuel and William.

Was Sandrine Bonnaire on good terms with William Hurt?

Despite their separation in 1997, Sandrine Bonnaire and William Hurt remained on good terms. “What’s great is being able to say to yourself, ‘I’m proud of this guy, even if the couple’s relationship ended, I was right to love him and have a child with him. ‘”, she had confided in the past, specifying that it “is reassuring to see that we made the right choices, that we were not mistaken”. However, after their breakup, the actress had experienced a difficult period, chaining hypnotherapy sessions to help her. “It was mostly body work. I went there to recover my body. I had lost a lot of weight, I had no appetite, I was very weak. I had to find a way to boost myself “, she had explained in particular, before starting a healthy friendly relationship with her ex.

William Hurt and Sandrine Bonnaire © JACOVIDES-BORDE-MOREAU

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