Prince William and Kate Middleton were in Cornwall on February 9.
The royal couple, Prince and Princess of Wales, were treated to a warm welcome.
A lone protester marked William and Kate’s first afternoon.

William and Kate were warmly welcomed to Cornwall. Apart from the intervention of an isolated demonstrator who does not blame them personally, but the whole monarchy. On February 9, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales, both 41, visited Cornwall as a couple for the first time. Overall, the visit of Prince William and Kate Middleton went very well. As usual, George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis came out to shake the hands of a few well-wishers. Smiling, William and Kate said hello to people who came to see them at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. During this afternoon’s visit to the port town of Falmouth, a disruptive element entered the crowd.

A person holding a white sheet was removed from the crowd by the police. The protester was not arrested. Nevertheless, he was kept away until the end of the visit by the Prince and Princess of Wales. Later, the lone protester spoke to reporters at the scene, reports the Mirror. “We are in the 21st century and we no longer need a monarchy,” he said. The Mirror recalls that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton currently hold several titles within British royalty.

William and Kate: Prince and Princess of Wales get closer to supporters

After the death of Elizabeth II of England and the accession of her father to the throne, Prince William becomes the heir to the throne. At the same time, he is also the Prince of Wales and also becomes Duke of Cornwall. He and Kate Middleton keep their title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the same time. During their visit to the Cornwall Museum, the reception by the crowd was particularly warm. Well-wishers offered them beautiful flowers. Prince William and Kate Middleton also took the time to chat with the young people. In a snapshot, we can see the Princess of Wales taking a selfie with two young girls.

William and Kate: "We no longer need...", their walkabout turned upside down by something unexpected

Prince William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, Princess of Wales © Agency

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