A wax museum in Poland missed Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Cambridge doubles don’t look like them at all
Internet users were shocked by these images

One wonders what happened in the mind of the artist behind these “works”… Unlike the wax doubles of Kate Middleton and Prince William which are found in the four corners of the world, those who sit enthroned in the Krakow Wax Museum are not really a nice tribute. And for good reason: the copies of the Prince and Princess of Wales are totally missed. But this museum is not at its first attempt. Located in Krakow, it boasts a measly 2.5 out of five stars on TripAdvisor and has become an international laughing stock for its dastardly celebrity wax figures. And Kate Middleton and Prince William weren’t really given special treatment because their wax dolls… don’t look like them at all!

Kate Middleton of wax is notably represented with a particularly wide forehead, a rough hairstyle and a frozen smile. And while Prince William is dressed in the traditional red ceremonial uniform, his face was a far cry from that of the real Duke of Cambridge. More caricature than real portrait, the future sovereign of England is represented with a huge smile and shaggy hair. A video of these wax statues posted on TikTok quickly went viral. “Prince William scared me with his smile,” commented a dismayed onlooker. “He looks like he has an itch he can’t scratch,” added another user. “Looks like Hugh Grant after 20 Jägerbombs.”

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— chris evans (@notcapnamerica) March 7, 2023

Kate Middleton and Prince William: “We saw a child cry”

We do not know if tourists from Krakow will dare to push the door of this museum, but visitors who have already discovered it will never be able to forget it. “One of the worst places I’ve been. Luckily the wax works had distinctive signs for each character, otherwise we would never have known who they were to represent, commented a user. It takes about five minutes to get through. walking around, we even saw a child crying, probably because she was so scared of the scary characters.” If fans of the royal family want to meet the doubles of Kate Middleton and Prince William, this museum should not be counted on. If you want to laugh on the other hand, we can only recommend it!

William and Kate unrecognizable: this disturbing photo of the Prince and Princess of Wales

Kate and William were flabbergasted © Backgrid USA

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