William and Harry: what they would have said to each other at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip

It was arguably the strongest image of Prince Philip’s funeral. On Saturday April 17, 2021, for the first time in a year, Princes William and Harry were seen together. While tensions between the brothers are no doubt after the explosive interview given by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Cambridge has tried to put his grudges aside for the time of their grandfather’s funeral. If Harry and William did not walk side by side in the procession following the body of Prince Philip and were seated at a good distance during the ceremony, at the exit of it, they took the time to exchange at length that both. If the cameras from all over the world were present to immortalize the moment, the microphones were absent.

An expert in lip-reading, however, tried to identify the content of their conversation, as reported by Mirror. As they both walked to Windsor Castle, they were said to have simply commented on their grandfather’s funeral. After taking off his mask, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly told him: “Absolutely magnificent service, ah, the music”. Before asking him, “It was awesome, wasn’t it?” What his little brother would have replied: “It was as he (Editor’s note: Prince Philip) wanted”.

Princes Harry and William seemed to be very comfortable

After their mouth movements were analyzed, expert Adrianne Carter also observed their body language. According to her, there is no doubt that the two men appeared to be very comfortable and showed no signs of anxiety. While it would seem that it was Kate Middleton who took the first step to allow the two brothers to break the ice, Prince William also slowed his step so that his brother could join them and join the castle together.

Princes William and Harry © AGENCE

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