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William and Harry angry: why their father Charles can play the reconciler between them

For several months, the press has regularly reported on increasingly less good relations between Princes William and Harry, angry because of the behavior of one towards Meghan Markle, and the departure of the other for California . And if many relatives recall how much if Lady Diana were still alive she would make sure to patch up her boys, it turns out that one person could also bring them together again: Prince Charles.

“The obvious person to create or encourage [their] reconciliation is Charles”, assures historian Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers, who sees the crown prince as a “channel of reconciliation” between the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex . “I hope behind the scenes Charles is fixing the fences [and] building the bridges,” he told US Weekly. A reconciliation that would be possible if Prince Charles decided to put his two cents in, he who has never broken contact with his son Harry since his departure for California. “They have a very solid father / son relationship,” a source said about them.

A door still open for Prince Harry

It must be said that if Prince William was closed towards his brother when he announced his departure from the royal family, however trying to reach out to him one last time, Prince Charles did not seems not to have held against his youngest son his desire for emancipation, and has retained his role of father. “The Prince of Wales has made it clear that the door is always open. Since Prince Harry left for Los Angeles, they have never broken contact. Charles is not eager for messages but they call each other on the phone and in video “, thus specified a relative, who added that Prince Charles had indeed offered” financial assistance “to Prince Harry,” as any father would do for his son “.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Sir David Attenborough at the world premiere of the Netflix series “Our © Agency

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