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William and Harry after the Megxit: “They find it difficult to talk to each other with sincerity”

Their relationship is still not in good shape … If the princes William and Harry had to face many hardships together, such as their fame at a very young age or the death of their mother, Lady Diana, the August 31, 1997, they would not be as close today as before. As new excerpts from the book Finding Freedom, co-authored by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand appear on the internet every day, conversations between Prince Charles’ two sons are said to be “interrupted and difficult.” Royal author Phil Damphier revealed to Australian magazine New Idea that the book “sadly won’t do much to heal Harry’s relationship with his blood family, especially his brother William.” Before continuing: “I am told the duo are talking at the moment, but conversations are difficult.”

According to Andrew Morton, who wrote a biography of Lady Diana, Kate Middleton would look radiant, but actually be devastated: “There is no doubt that the rift between Harry and William has deeply affected Kate. It upsets her.” Despite being very close to her brother-in-law before her marriage to Meghan Markle, Pippa Middleton’s older sister remains loyal to her husband. The British journalist and writer continues: “There is blood spilled on both sides. It is very sad that they do not get along particularly well, but this has been made worse by the growing divide. Everyone within the royal family know that William and Harry are on different paths. But you don’t want these two to be at odds for the next fifty years. It has no value for the monarchy. William and Harry were a true duo. It’s just a very sad situation. ”

William and Harry’s wives have never been close

While many sources have also spoken of a split between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton since the royal wedding, Finding Freedom claims there has been no fallout as such, and that the two young women have would actually never have been close. The two authors indeed claim that the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis would not have done much to bridge the gap between William and Harry and never really spent time with Meghan. If Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claim that there were no quarrels between the young women, they would have had “difficult times.”

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, Duchess of Camb © AGENCY

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