Willem Alexander and Maxima from the Netherlands apologize after vacation in Greece

They narrowly avoided a national controversy. A few days ago, the Dutch royal family came under heavy criticism. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and health measures are very clear, King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima and their two daughters have not respected them. Friday, October 16, they flew to Greece to spend their autumn holidays in their secondary home when the government had asked the Dutch not to go on vacation this fall. As soon as their feet were on Greek soil, the Dutch royal family had no choice but to get back on their plane and turn around to return to Amsterdam. After issuing a statement to apologize, King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima spoke in an official video released this Wednesday, October 21. “Our trip to Greece elicited strong reactions from many Dutch people. It hurts to have betrayed your trust in us,” the couple began.

The couple went on to describe their trip as “reckless” even though it was “in compliance with regulations”. They then reconsidered their decision to return to the Netherlands without spending their vacation in Greece, which was “taken when they realized [they] should not have left”. “Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, we have done our best (…) to be there as much as possible for all those who seek support in these uncertain times,” continued King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima , evoking this “difficult period for everyone”, this “period of lack, limits and worries”. The royal couple say they feel “fear, anger and insecurity” in the face of the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe and the Netherlands. “We have heard the poignant stories in many meetings, in person and digitally, they continued. We feel connected with you and with all those directly or indirectly affected.”

The royal couple “involved but not infallible”

“We will continue to work with you to defeat the coronavirus. So that everyone in our country can then return to normal life as soon as possible, the king and queen concluded. This is now the most important thing and we will continue to do so. doing to the best of our ability. We are involved. But not foolproof. ” A speech necessary to put an end to the heated controversy, especially since the couple has already been singled out for non-compliance with health instructions. A few weeks ago while spending their summer vacation in Greece, they were photographed with a restaurateur without respecting physical distancing. “In the spontaneity of the moment, we did not pay much attention to this, then said the royal couple. Of course, we should have done this. Because following the rules against the coronavirus is also essential on vacation for avoid contracting the virus. ”

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima © Royalportraits Europe

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