If everyone first believed in a joke, it was not. Sunday March 27, 2022, a few minutes before receiving his first Oscar in the best actor category, Will Smith went on the stage to slap comedian Chris Rock. The latter had just made a questionable joke about the hair of the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Only, she is suffering from a disease, alopecia, which causes her to lose her hair. If Will Smith initially reacted well to this joke, he was then struck by the comedian asking him never to mention the name of his wife again. By recovering his prize, Will Smith then apologized for his gesture. Later, it was on his Instagram account that he assured that he regretted his gesture.

The mother of the famous comedian also came out of silence on the American channel, ABC. The mother of the family did not expect such a gesture from her son. “He’s so fair and sociable. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve seen him come out of his hinges. And it’s probably the first time for him too… I’ve never seen him do that all my life,” she said. She was joined by Will Smith’s younger sister.

Will Smith’s sister says he’s come a long way

“I spoke with him at length. He has come a long way. It really broke my heart when he told me about the hardships he had to overcome to get to this point.” If the Oscar-winning actor’s mother did not try to defend her son, his sister, on the other hand, wanted to explain why he had done so. Both, on the other hand, are against violence in all its forms.

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