The secret of a lasting couple? The end of monogamy for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Married for 24 years, the actor and actress are an example in Hollywood, where marriages fall apart as quickly as they do. In a long interview with GQ, which he covers, Will Smith spoke at length about his relationship. And its idiosyncrasies … “Jada never believed in traditional marriage. Jada had family members who had unconventional relationships. So she grew up in a very different world from the one I grew up in.” The actor began before revealing that they had decided not to be exclusive anymore: “We have had endless discussions about what relationship perfection is? What’s the best way to interact as a couple? most of the time, we chose monogamy “.

“We don’t see it as the only way to have a relationship,” Will Smith continued of his relationship exclusivity. Jaden and Willow’s parents therefore “offered each other confidence and freedom with the conviction that everyone must make their own way” so that “marriage” is not “a prison” for them. And if debauchery has united the two spouses, the actor warns that this kind of relationship is not for everyone. “I am not suggesting to anyone to follow our path (…) But the experience of the freedoms we have offered to each other and the unconditional support are, for me, the greatest definition of love “, he concluded with GQ. To the magazine, he also revealed to have had extramarital affairs, like his wife, without saying more about this intimate subject.

Jada Pinkett Smith: “I feel like I could be ‘polyfaith'”

Like her husband, Jada Pinkett Smith thrives in this open relationship. “Monogamy – it’s just that personally – I think it keeps you from going forward and putting aside any feelings of insecurity that you may be having. Jealousy, you know what I mean, she said in a podcast a few months ago. I have nothing against the idea of ​​having a man and a woman in my life. I feel that I could be ‘polyfaith’ with these two people “. She continued, “I feel like if I were to find two different genders that I’m really connected with and we have a romantic and sexual bond, I wouldn’t feel the need to go and try to find them. more”. And if the Smith’s relationship is often scrutinized and criticized across the Atlantic, it has worked like this for nearly 30 years. The secret of longevity!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett © AGENCY

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