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Will Melania Trump receive Jill Biden at the White House?

A tradition to which she will not bow. While Joe Biden was elected 46th President of the United States this Saturday, November 7, his wife, Jill Biden, is preparing to take the post of First Lady. But according to information from the British tabloid The Mirror, this Tuesday, November 10, the transition phase is not easy. Because, if the ritual wants her to be greeted by the current American First Lady in the White House, Melania Trump simply refuses to open the doors to her. In doing so, Barron Trump’s mother makes it a point of honor not to congratulate the one who must take over.

But if the ex-model refuses Jill Biden within the American presidential house, it is above all in protest and love for her husband. During the election, Donald Trump had indeed announced that, in the event that Joe Biden was chosen by the people, he will contest this victory. And this, from September 2020. Something promised, due: since the husband of Jill Biden was elected, he is fiercely opposed to a peaceful transfer of power and does not want to recognize his defeat. The husband of Melania Trump therefore plays obstruction: after sacking his Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday, November 9, the outgoing president calls for a recount of the votes, although his entourage – including his son-in-law Jared Kushner – encourages him to resign himself to defeat.

An open investigation

Joe Biden’s clan is not at the end of its troubles. Because, after the euphoria, Attorney General Bill Barr authorized the opening of an investigation for fraud around the result of the presidential election on Monday, November 9. “Such investigations can be carried out if there are clear and potentially credible allegations of irregularities which, if proven, could potentially have an impact on the outcome of a federal election in a state,” he said. stated in a letter to federal prosecutors. A measure that will therefore delay the taking office of Joe and Jill Biden.

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