It is a terrible murder of which Lola, 12, was the victim on Friday October 14, 2022. More than a week after the tragedy, our colleagues from Sept à Huit returned to this terrible affair and took a closer look at the profile of the main suspect. This is Dahbia. She is 24 years old. When she was arrested and during her first interrogation, she would have admitted to having killed the young girl but would also have made her live a real torture. After dragging the child into the elevator of Lola’s building to reach Dahbia’s sister’s apartment, she allegedly asked him to take a shower before sexually abusing her.

Lola would then have died of asphyxiation while the main suspect would have taped her face. Then she would have given him many stab wounds. But during the following hearings, the young woman would have reconsidered her first statements. “She says she told a dream, not reality,” reports Seven to Eight. His remarks would then be completely disjointed. “She would have fought against a knife attacker, then against a ghost.”

⚫️ The shock, after the murder of Lola, 12 years old. Who is Dahbia B., 24, the main suspect? Testimonials and exclusive documents on the career and profile of the young woman.

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The relatives of the main suspect are in shock

She would also have assured that she would never have been able to harm a child. She would also have spoken of an argument with Lola’s mother. She is the guardian of the building and would not have accepted an entrance pass from him. So it would be for revenge. Only, the investigators favor the thesis of dementia. For those who knew the alleged killer of Lola, it is amazement. In the report, many of them testified and explained that he would never have thought that she could do such a thing.

Dahbia remains presumed innocent of the charges against her.

Wild murder of Lola, 12 years old: these hallucinations that the main suspect told to the investigators

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