Why Prince William refused to see his brother Harry before the Sandringham summit

It is a decision that shocked the whole world and ulcerated the monarchy. On Wednesday January 8, 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they would relinquish their royal duties and their respective status as senior members of the royal family of England. Panicked, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William called on the Sussexes to join them at Sandringham, on the occasion of a crisis meeting resembling a royal summit. But if the Crown fell from the clouds, the Duke of Cambridge was furious. According to the Battle of Brothers book by royal biographer Robert Lacey – quoted by the British tabloid The Daily Mail this Saturday, October 3 – Kate Middleton’s husband had refused to find his younger brother before the maintenance of the four main royal homes.

Prince William, “pissed off” and outraged by Prince Harry’s decision, therefore refused to have lunch with the latter, leaving him alone at the table of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. The latter, usually indulgent with her grandson, felt that the Sussexes were “erratic and impulsive”, according to Robert Lacey. Another element added to the specifications of the parents of little Archie: their conflict with the British press which would damage the image of the monarchy for the Queen of England. Worse still in his eyes was the filing of the Sussex Royal trademark, which His Highness saw as “Crown marketing.” As a result, Prince Harry and his beautiful lost the right to use this mark for the promotion of their activities.

Prince William injured

And if Prince William reacted with such anger, it is because the departure of his brother was a source of suffering for him who, as future king, must protect the integrity of the Crown. “This is really what caused the most injuries to William,” reported Harper’s Bazaar journalist (and co-author of the Finding Freedom biography) Omid Scobie, “he’s not just brother, he’s also the future king and he felt that this could damage the reputation of the family. ” Another attack on the relationship of the sons of Prince Charles, once united.

Prince William “pissed off” © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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