Our sentimental stories are becoming more and more complicated. With age and experience, our hearts and bodies become even more crumbled. Between regrets and bitterness, we manage to lose our appetite. With a heavy heart, a wounded soul, we try, somehow, to recover from our emotions. However, one prerogative still remains; loss of appetite! And why ?

“Love stories usually end badly” as Les Rita Mitsouko said. Because behind a cherished and loved being, our body can, alone and wounded, add wounds and deep sensations. Often accompanying the psyche, the body can undergo the five stages of grieving a relationship. Namely: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and finally acceptance. After a breakup, you can either binge eat and gobble up the entire fridge stock. Or have a knotted stomach.

After a breakup, the appetite goes away

Scientifically speaking, most people tend to lose their appetite. According to studies, hormones influence the desire to eat, among other things. With anxiety, sleep disturbance and sadness, the body is left devoid of pleasure and energy. The organ system is then slowed down. Indeed, during a sentimental breakup, a surge of adrenaline can focus on the brain, the heart and the muscles. This has the consequence of abandoning our “second brain”: the stomach. The human organism reacts to all emotions; whether they are joy, fear, stress or anger. He will therefore protect himself and react as if he were in danger; even if it is not. Although this adrenaline rush is powerful, it is fleeting. The brain will gradually become aware of this excess and regulate itself.

Why do you lose your appetite after a breakup


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