Whoopi Goldberg ill: the actress makes terrible revelations about her health

Heartbreaking news. For a week, Whoopi Goldberg had been absent from her show The View. She made a very noticed return this Tuesday, June 29 and took the opportunity to discuss her state of health. “Yes it’s me, I’m back,” she first launched facing the camera before revealing the reason for her absence. “I left because I suffered from sciatica, which is mainly located in the back and it had an impact on the sciatic nerve. The whole caused me pain in the leg”, confides- she then. To relax the atmosphere, the iconic 65-year-old presenter wanted to compare her pain to a “bad boyfriend who comes back to bother me”, she says with humor. This situation was not easy for her since she “could not move my leg. It was horrible but I am delighted to be back,” she concludes.

It was transparent. Even if she wanted to ensure the presentation of her show, Whoopi Goldberg did not hesitate to be very honest with her viewers. “I use a walker to move around”, she confides before admitting: “What scares me is that I did not know that I needed it”. A stressful situation that she manages with a lot of humor. “My walker has become my new best friend. I just slide,” she says. “I became this little old black lady, it’s really strange”, laughs Whoopi Goldberg. Thus, during her absence, she claims to have “remained lying in a hospital room”. Back at her home, it is with great joy that she was finally able to find her viewers.

Whoopi Goldberg: Has she ever been absent from her show?

This is not the first time Whoopi Goldberg has had health issues causing her to be absent from her show. In 2019, she could not be present for a month. Indeed, she had suffered from pneumonia and sepsis and explained that she had “almost died. The doctor told me that I will not go anywhere next week because I am really sick”, had she remembered in the columns of People. “I told him I thought the pneumonia was not that bad and he advised me to take some time for myself. Yes, I came very close to death. The good news? I’m still here.” , she had concluded.

Whoopi Goldberg © Agency – Bestimage

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