She’s finally out of the hospital! A few days before the end of year vacation, Anna-Chloé, a 6th grade student was violently beaten up in her school, located in Chambéry. On social networks, the mother of the little girl shared to accompany pictures of the swollen face of Anna-Chloe: “Since the start of the school year, she has suffered racist verbal violence, and even physical. I had asked to meet the officials establishment several times and they did not receive me until the day she defended herself by hitting her a comrade had given her, calling her a ‘dirty nigger.’ “She then added:” The December 15, 2021, around 10:30 am, the CPE called me to tell me that my little Chloe had fallen and injured her face, and that they had called the fire department. ‘school, in tears, when I saw my baby lying down. She said,’ I’m sorry mum. ‘”

In shock, the little girl’s mother explained: “Arrived at the hospital, when the doctors took off the bandage that the firefighters had put on, I saw a hole in my face with the eye visible from outside. A few minutes later, she entered the operating room and it lasted two hours. Then we had a CT scan and the result shows that she also had a broken nose. ” Out of the hospital, Anna-Chloé had 29 stitches. Today, more than 8,000 euros have already been collected on the Leetchi platform to help the family pay the fees and expenses not covered for their situation.

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A demonstration will take place at 1 p.m. in Paris

In a video shared on social networks, the mother of the little girl agreed to give her news. “She is better, but psychologically … She is less tired than two days ago but when we go out, when we go to the hospital, she hides her face because she is ashamed. She told me. : ‘Mom, I’m not ready to go back to school now.’ So there she’s going to meet a shrink next week. ” Well surrounded, she added: “There, I am with my brothers who left Paris to support me. It is very touching! They made six to seven hours of road to see Anna-Chloé and she is super happy because I told him that there are uncles coming. It’s really nice! They left their jobs to be there for their niece. ” While the head of the school refuses to take his share of responsibility, it is in another video that she confided: “Today, I appeal to the Minister of National Education, I appeal to any parent who send her child to school, I call on anyone affected by this situation to support me and that justice be done for my little princess. Tomorrow, we are going to demonstrate at the Place de la République in Paris at 1 pm. need your support! ”

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