Aged 43 today, Ludivine Sagnier has signed her return to the stage with Consentement, a single-in-stage adapted from the eponymous book by Vanessa Springora, published in January 2020. For the occasion, the actress responded to our colleagues from Liberation, Monday, November 21, 2022. She notably returned to her beginnings and expressed her many regrets. When she was 24, she starred in the psychological thriller Swimming Pool, and doesn’t seem to have anything but fond memories of it. “I didn’t have this desire to be an object of fantasy. Julie, it was a character that I had composed with a coach. I had done UV, I wore fake hair, etc.”, a she wanted to clarify.

But she regrets that her character as a sexy blonde sunbathing by the pool stuck to her too much. “It was like being the Joker. While I’m super shy, I never go topless on the beach, I had managed to play those kind of girls that I wasn’t at all. But people are said: ‘OK, she’s like that, she’s the Bimbo of Ozon who gets naked'”, she said again with great regret. With great seriousness and in a very strong character, she plays the role of a woman under the influence of a man much older than her in the theater. She wants the voice of all women who are hypersexualized in cinema. “It’s not a tearful or anger-laden story, remarks Ludivine Sagnier. These are the words of a person who has rebuilt herself. Pedophilia, incest, these are subjects that touch me very close. In my entourage“, she insisted again.

Ludivine Sagnier has many regrets from her youthful roles

As a reminder, after playing in Swimming Pool, Ludivine Sagnier made herself known to the general public by playing in Les tragedies Gouttes d’eau sur pierre brûlées directed by François Ozon. The latter had also mentioned the disturbing end of the film which had given the image of the actress that she regrets today. “In the creative process, things are never simple. What is real, and what is not? How to separate fantasy from reality? This theme is also evoked in Sous the sand, when the character of Charlotte confuses dream and reality”, he confided before taking an interest in his film Swimming Pool.

“In Swimming Pool, everything that is of the order of fantasy stems from the art of creating (…) in terms of production, I have dealt with everything that is of the order of the imagination of in the most realistic way possible, to blur the boundary. When telling a story, it is essential to immerse yourself in the logic of perception of the characters in order to identify with them. To experience the same emotions.”

"Who cares about naked...": Ludivine Sagnier bitter over a period of her career

Ludivine Sagnier © MPP

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