Never-before-seen photos of Charles, Diana and three-month-old William have been revealed
The photos will go up for auction next month
These are 22 photos showing the royal family all smiles in September 1982

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a renewed interest in royal memorabilia has emerged in Britain and many memorabilia from private collections are acquired by nostalgic subjects. On March 4, a large auction will offer a batch of photos taken in 1982 at Balmoral, representing Charles and Diana “when they were happy”.

Photos that could sell for tens of thousands of pounds

Images are rare, as the snaps are private and were not taken by official photographers or paparazzi. Charles, then Prince of Wales holding his son William in his arms, both smiling, and Princess Diana cuddling her little boy, with Baron King, a friend of the royal family who owned these prints. Stephen Drake, auctioneer at Willingham Auctions in Cambridgeshire, who will put these previously unseen photos and negatives up for sale, “There were a lot of photos taken of Princess Diana, but these offer a really personal insight. collection of photos is truly unique, you will never come across another set of photos like this. The photo of King Charles holding William is such an amazing photo, he looks like such a proud and happy father.”

The man, who testified in the columns of the Mirror, is certain that these photos will arouse great interest and sell tens of thousands of pounds. And for good reason “In the photos, Diana, Charles and William look like a complete family group, he added. You see a lot of press photos, but they are nothing like these, they are photographed like normal people, which for royalty is an incredible experience to see.” Among the shots are also photos of Queen Elizabeth II smiling and relaxed, which is sure to please collectors.

"When they were happy...": unpublished photos of Charles and Diana, young parents, unveiled

Charles and Diana © ALPHA AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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